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Logon Gregory - AATS Student, USA


PRBS has been instrumental in strengthening my relationship with the Lord. I have now been able to verbalize the truths I had known. I have been able to read the Word with better understanding, being able to piece things together for a bigger picture of God. God is using this education in my Church and in a local Bible study I have joined. Since attending PRBS, I have received greater calling to minister to others than before, also finding myself in more opportunities to do so. Before I just knew, I needed to know Him more. None of these things would have been accomplished in the way they have had it not been for PRBS, the ministry you have in providing Godly knowledge to those who cannot afford a pricey seminary is vital. You are advancing His Kingdom well my brothers, thank you! Now, I recommend PRBS to every Christian, everyone should seek Him more in knowledge and wisdom. The education you offer at no cost is an excellent way anyone can do that. God bless you all of you at PRBS, I pray all the Lord’s blessings upon you.

Toghrul Salamzade - M. Div Student, Turkey


PRBS is a great blessing for me! Books are perfect. Studies are good. I am now preparing the article for theology I course. It makes my life more disciplined. Books and topics make me think of holiness and of God more often. I have recommended PRBS to some of my friends who are interested in theological studies. I want to thank you again for this great opportunity!

Alexandru Lucian Ghita - BATS Student, Romania


PRBS is helping me to study more organized systematic and disciplined. I am planning to organize a sort of bible seminary on Romania based on PRBS model.

Elisha Ndema - Doctoral student, Tanzania


First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the vision you had to initiate PRBS for two reasons : First it is free. This enables even students who cannot afford the expenses to get their education. Second, the quality of education provided.  Puritan Reformed Biblical Seminary is one of the best seminaries in the world which provides qualitative education. Frankly speaking, since I embarked on studying at this seminary I have experienced tremendous changes than before in both areas, namely spiritually and intellectually. My life is not the same. My ministry and family life also are experiencing the same thing. Praise the Lord! I recommend this seminary to my fellow brethren that it is the best place to be. If there is any who does not believe what I am saying, let him/her taste and see! I wish you to prosper as you carry out God's work.

Ibrahim Daniel Amshi - BATS Student, Nigeria


PRBS has opened my eyes to see evangelism and mission in a newer and different perspective than I had before, studying the life of Paul has been helping me to understand clearly God's call for my life. As an evangelist, the studies has impacted me positively for it made me to understand things I didn't know before. It's helping me to keep my ministry going. Now, I encourage and direct the members and staffs of my ministry (Quarrysite international ministry) to consider studying with PRBS,  as I believe they will also learn more even as I am. Thank you for this great privilege. God bless you and keep you for His service.

Sakthivel Sundaresan - M. Div Student, India


I am working on the Manners and Customs of the Bible Lands. As I read I understand the Bible more clearly and it helps my hermeneutics as well. Thank God for that. I am recommending PRBS to many by asking them to take a look at our site.

Justin Clemins - AATS Student, USA


The studies at PRBS has impacted my deeper study of the truth of God’s word. The deeper our knowledge of God has revealed in His Word, the deeper our response will be in worship. I have been blessed to be part of this great seminary with its great studies. I have told others the great benefit of seminary study, and the privillage of having a seminary that is free of charge especially for pastors like me who cannot afford an expensive seminary. Thank you for providing this seminary for people like me.

Chanshik Park - Doctoral Student, South Korea


I have truly believed in God through the teachings of the reformed doctrine of PRBS and came to spread the Gospel boldly in my ministries as a pastor and teacher.  I have recommended PRBS via my website up to now for many years: http://www.ogtg.org and uploaded it to many other Korean seminaries.

Sikonzile Tshabangu - AATS Student, USA


I have been enjoying myself with the knowledge I have been acquiring as I read through the material PRBS sent to me. My ministry and my personal life has been impacted in that I now have an understanding of how to study the scriptures! I no longer quote scripture out of context! I definitely would recommend PRBS to others because of its sound doctrine and the fact that it helps saints who can't afford the fees to also have theological education. Thanks for the great work you do at PRBS. God bless you.