1. How much does it cost for PRBS educational programs/ Transcripts/ Diploma?

As everyone knows that PRBS is completely free online seminary; students are neither asked to pay for their studies, text books, etc..at even printing charges for their certificates. However, considering the ministry of PRBS, students ought to know that electronically you may receive your transcripts and diploma free of cost. If you need to have it in printed copy, then a minimal charge will be required for sending the same by post.

2. What style/format of papers are accepted at PRBS?

We strictly follow Turabian guidelines for the proper format and style of your papers. You can also see PRBS guidelines for Papers and Thesis which agrees with majority of Turabian rules.

3. When should I contact my faculty mentor?

All students must contact their mentor with the work completed on the first of every month. Failing to contact in this time, will result in probation at the first time, and dismissal at the next time. This helps us to check out the on-going students with PRBS.

4. Do I need to complete the programs in time limits?

Yes! In case, failure to complete the program in time limits allotted will result in minimal fee (Review PRBS standards). This is to keep the students active in their studies considering the valuable time and seriousness of their study in His word.

5. Why do you need a letter of Recommendation? What if I am not able to provide it for my admission?

We are committed to working closely within the context of the local church to ascertain the spiritual growth of our students. If you cannot provide us with a letter of recommendation then you need to contact us before applying to see if we will be able to make an exception.

6. Who are PRBS Mentors? What are their qualifications?

The Mentor supervises their assigned students throughout his/her studies. When a student completes their studies the mentor makes informal transcripts and sends them to PRBS for the preparation of official transcripts. Mentor qualifications are explained in PRBS Mentor Handbook. (or see our faculty mentor page)

7. Who can be enrolled into PRBS programs?

Anyone from any part of the world who has internet access can be enrolled into PRBS programs.

8. What if I cannot complete the courses in time limits?

Those who fail to complete their courses within the prescribed time limits will pay a minimal fee for continuing their education at PRBS. Those with expired time limits will not be permitted to continue their education with PRBS if the minimal fee is not paid every year until their graduation. It is at the discretion of the PRBS administration to revoke student status rather than impose fee for continued student status.

9. How long does it take to be enrolled into a specific program?

Once you have completed the application process we generally respond between 3-6 days. If you do not hear from us by that time please CONTACT us to check on your status.

10. Is PRBS an accredited Seminary?

We are a regionally unaccredited seminary that holds to solid Reformed theology. We are neither approved by any accrediting agency nor by any government. We do not plan to ever seek accreditation because we believe that relying on the grace of Christ in this endeavor will bring Him far greater glory.

11. Are PRBS credits transferable to other seminaries?

Regarding credits transfer, you need to check in with the seminary in advance to see if they accept our credits. Credit transfers are solely at the discretion of the receiving seminary.

12. Do I have to be Reformed in my theology in order to become a student?

No! But you must agree with our Basic Statement of Faith.

13. What is your doctrinal stand?

We are doctrinally committed to these confessions, namely the Westminster Confession of Faith and the London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689). By this we affirm that we have a great burden to serve the Lord in preaching and teaching the Word of God accurately from the Reformed theological perspective!

14. To which denomination you belong to?

We are an independent ministry in India and are not officially part of any particular denomiation.

15. How PRBS does provide free educational programs?

PRBS is able to provide free educational programs through godly men who are willing to sacrifice their time and talent for the strengthening and furtherance of Christ's Kingdom even as they are moved by His grace. We do have expenditures, and at times they are difficult to meet. But as we step out in faith, trusting in God's provision, we are blessed to have His grace establish and grow this ministry.

16. Do you accept financial donations?

Yes! We do accept financial donations from those who liberally and willingly want to us by their financial means! If you would like to donate us please do so through the DONATE link.

17. What are PRBS Academic Standards?

You may download our standards here: PRBS Academic Standards