PRBS has its main office in India. This will allow more offices to be opened around the world if the Lord blesses with such growth.The students who are enrolled into the educational programs are being mentored by the faculty mentors who serve the Lord around the world. We take students from any part of the world who have access to internet. Indian government does not approve or accredit any theological/ religious degrees. As a matter of fact, the Indian constitution strictly enforces the separation of church and state. We do not have an accrediting agency approved by the government to provide an accredit status (same as the government does for secular studies) for the degree programs we offer.

We state these particulars to be open and honest about who we are and what our purpose is. We are an unaccredited free online seminary that is devoted to accurate theological education. PRBS is controlled and regulated by its founding president in the presence of PRBS advisory council. Therefore, PRBS Academic standards are set up by this council. This ensures the high quality of education that PRBS aims to offer its students.

While secular accreditation prepares any of its graduates for government work, we firmly believe that your theological education will qualify you to serve your local church. Thus, your academic quality is important for your ministry.

Indeed, if you are looking for a good quality of Reformed education with Puritan vision to serve your local Church, then PRBS is the RIGHT CHOICE for you.


Although we do not seek accreditation, we do seek unity with other institutions that are also Christ-centered and biblically-oriented. The following list includes some of the ministries that we are associated with through membership, fellowship, etc.